Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oros and Valientes February 2013

 The first grouup of the new year arrived here safely. We spent the evening and following morning with them, then they met with their trainers and were off to their first area!

View from the Carrasco airport

The incoming group with President Armstrong

Waiting for pictures to be taken and training to start. 

The office elders explaining details of the mission while President Armstrong does personal interviews. 

We're always sad to see a group go home, but we wish them well in their next adventure!


  1. I don't see an Elder Logan Reay... he was supposed to have arrived there in February, but I don't see him even in the group picture. Is he in your mission?

  2. I have always said, those missionaries CAN EAT! This was the day after we left, I SO wanted to stay and help with this change. A great looking group of new missionaries.