Friday, November 2, 2012

Oros and Valientes October 2012

Oro Group with President and Sister Armstrong
Elder Bendtschneider with his new companion Elder Francis going to Melo. 

Hermana Velasquez with her new companion Hermana Harris going to Treinta y Tres.

Hermana Rojas with her new companion Hermana Pena going to Melo.  

Heremana Vargas with her new companion Hermana Phillips going to Florida. 

Elder Gallardo with his new companion Elder Pyper going to Durazno. 

Hermana Laursen with her new companion Hermana Velaquez going to  Las Piedras.

Heremana Marz and Savage with our visa waiter, Hermana Valdez. 
Elder Veliz with our visa waiter Elder Piriz.
Elder Harris, Whiting, and Francis with our other visa waiter, Elder Pinieros. 

After we sent off the oros to their areas, the valientes came in for exit interviews and prepared their suitcases at the mission home. Their flight was delayed a day, but after staying an extra night in Montevideo, they were sent on their way. We will miss them but wish them the best of luck!

Stacey loves the sister missionaries!

Sister Armstrong talking to the departing missionaries about returning home.
We love to spend time with the valientes before they embark on their next "change."
All the valientes of October with the Armstrong.