Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tropical Storm in Uruguay

We had a great day of changes yesterday, with new missionaries coming in and meeting up with their trainers, then the valientes coming to prepare to leave. We had a wonderful family home evening and were prepared to send them off today, but earlier today the weather got so bad that flights have been delayed. Luckily, Sister Araneda (who went to Chile) and Elder Cabanas (who went to Spain) boarded their flights safely, but our other valientes will be here for another day. Later, while packing and weighing suitcases, a tree outside of the mission home fell over and ripped up the gas line and a leak started. After sometime, the leak was stopped and nothing/no one was harmed. For now, the missionaries are taking advantage of the extra time they have in Uruguay until they can return safely home, though a little later than expected. We are also happy to report that our missionaries in the field are all safe and happy.
Valientes September 2012 
The fallen tree outside the mission home. 

This piece of Beef Jerky is in the shape of Uruguay! 
Waiting for news of the delayed flights.